Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saturday Stroll

On February 5th I take a walk around west end Toronto. Catch the Sketchkrieg show at Xspace:Sketchkrieg! is a band of comic artists and illustrators based in Toronto. This collective consists of Evan Munday (Stripmalling, Quarter-Life Crisis), Brian Hoang (Medicine), Zen Rankin (Action Satisfaction Supreme), Alana McCarthy (Owl Kids, Scholastic), Tyrone McCarthy (Corporate Life, Corduroy High, Tyne), Jason Loo (Canadian GI Joe Con, AWOL'd) and Gillian Newland (Big and Small, Room for All; A Chanukah Noel).

An ambitious comic jam...

Things turn even more goth over at Angell Gallery for Kim Dorland's Nocturne show.

This critter could be viewed in black light but I missed out.

Over to Katharine Mulherin's for Bodies and Politics: Balint Zsako,

Michael Caines,

and Oscar de Las Flores.

Mr. Nobody surveys the changing hood from the Fly Gallery window.

Phasers on for IndexG's opening of Rene Zamic's OK Galaxy

and Sally Ayre's Nature's Shadows.

It is also the vernissage for Tomio Nitto's Camerashop and my own Cheez Shoppe: both regular exhibition wall venues for our work at IndexG.

Iris Lee and Tomio Nitto greet well wishers.

I'm out of blue cheese at the moment.

The day ends with some excellent bedtime reading: Patrick Kyle's Black Mass #4:
Punk is Dead, Long Live Punk!!

Thanks Patrick for the pocket pal!

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