Saturday, March 19, 2011

March Finds

It’s been a busy March.

The OCAD Zine Fair was held on March 3, in the lobby of 100 McCaul. It was a smallish affair but lots of goodies.

Check out ’s Fuck Making a Zine. !

Daniela Jordan Villaveces, on the far right, sold her own prints as well as The Wilding for me. Beside her: Toni Darling and Jesjit Gill.



Jesjit offered up an old gem, Raw Pizza Zine from 2007, and brand new Adrienne Kammerer’s Summoning Sickness.

Andrea Manica always brings the goods.

See the insides of her mini-zines at

Got issue #2 of Jason Bradshaw’s comics zine Boredom Pays.

New discoveries for me at and next to Fantasy Camp’s Eunice Luk’s table: her boyfriend on left, Ted Gudlat’s Bald Men, and on right Nathan Robert Enkel’s collab with Spencer Butt’s Digital Warlock Criminalz.

Ness Lee, on right, in the house, scored some free stickers.

Nancy Zhang zine-ing on the left.

Marta Ryczko had new mini-zines and moustache stickers! Score!

Also picked up list #14 and babe-a-day-ish Zine Vol. 2 from twelveohtwo zine distro

Another new zinester to me: Jocelyn Cheung, on the left side, sold mini-zines and mini-print outs.

The zine fair was taking place in the OCAD Learning Zone as well. Daniela continued making free buttons post fair. Mick Hemans gets one. Roomies Eunice Luk and Andrea Manica exhibit their art works on the wall of the zine library.

Andrea Manica
Eunice Luk

Sometime during the month I dropped by the Beguiling and picked up wildman painter/drawer Casey McGlynn’s new zine masterwork. It’s chock full of his colourful rawk n’ roll drawings. References to food, love, Satan, Star Wars, and vans create a very potent mix!

This week I received in the mail my hot new copy of Wowee Zonk co-founder and wunderkind Chris Kuzma’s new comic COMPLEX. Be sure to order this one, it is sure to sell out:

My new graphic novel The Never Weres was launched by This Is Not A Reading Series last Sunday, March 13th. Have a look at the TNW blog for the full story:

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