Tuesday, December 21, 2010


A silent auction/raucous party was held at Double Double Land to raise cash for friend and zinester Mark Connery after a fire gutted his house (no-one was harmed fortunately-at the fire or party!).
The affair was organized by the super powers of Marc Bell and Graham Hollings.
The invite read:

AUCTIONED ARTWORKS by Mark Connery (including SMOKE DAMAGED drawings!), Shary Boyle, The White House, Jay Isaac, Barefoot Immortal, Damien Hurst, Olia Mishchenko, Peter Thompson, Wowee Zonk, Marc Bell, Marcel Duchamp, Robert Dayton, Amy Lockhart, Bill Bisset, Michael DeForge, Margaux Williamson, Keith Jones, The Royal Family Album, Jeff Koons, Fiona Smyth, Jason McLean, Elvis Stoikoe'd, Jonny Petersen, and many more famous artists...

Here's some more vintage Rudy:

Host with the most Graham Hollings

Other illustrious host Marc Bell greets two parts of Wowee Zonk

The Complete Wowee Zonk crew-Chris Kuzma, Patrick Kyle, and Ginette Lapalme

Zinester/musician Tara Azzopardi , the guest of honour Mark Connery(with a case of The Blurs), and Jesse Huisken

All round fabulous babe Amy Lockhart mans the loot table

The crown

King of Kensington Seth Scriver helps out Amy

Artist/writer dynamos Larry and Paula Eisenstein put some bids in, I bid on his work but was out bid in the end, dang

Michael Comeau and Bill Bissett hang out

Zinester Pete Thompson-oft times Connery and Bell co-conspirator

Keith Jones gets a bidding war started

Tara Azzopardi brought Rudy's pals Phil and Kenny into the party, those guys can drink!

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