Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Unicorn

The library grew with a visit to Narwhal Art Project's The Unicorn: A Gathering of Magic. Picked up the catalogue for a previous show: The Dazzle, and a new Patrick Kyle publication: Grim Pseudonym from Svart Konst.

Derek Mainella checks out Joe Becker, post Bitch Slap excitement.

Wowee Zonk-er Patrick Kyle.

Wowee Zonk-ette Ginette Lapalme.

O.G. zinester Sonja Ahlers.

Artist/zinester Shannon Gerard keeps it seasonal.

Fings for magical gatherings and such.

Holy belt buckle.

Nick Aoki and Lauchie Reid caught by the paps.

Magic infested the city. Purge it with the last T.O. Brutal Knights show.

Mystical Hydrant shrine on Dovercourt.


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