Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wing Ding Zine Fair at XSpace

This zine fair had some familiar faces from Canzine and the recent OCADU Book Arts Fair but there were new surprises too. The haul was pretty good for a relatively cozy affair.

Almost spent the whole wallet at the first table: Jesjit Gill, Selena Wong, Susan Van Beek Rogers, Ryan Dodgson, and Jenny's Adventure Book.

Selena Wong's mini-zine about her similarly tiny dwarf rabbit.

Jesjit Gill's Melted Light and the zine Donut, he printed for Jason Mclean.

Melted Light

Jason Mclean

A new one from Ryan Dodgson.

Metality: a collaboration of Ryan Dodgson, Susan Van Beek Rogers, and Phillip Woollam.
First Thought is Susan Van Beek Rogers.

From Metality

Eunice Luk and Fantasy Camp. Pick up the pricier but worth it handbound mini-book RUGS. Amongst the selection of RUGS drawers is Vesna Asanovic.
Eunice included pixie stix!!

Vesna's handiwork.

Felix Kalmenson and Sasha Foster and their offerings:


The Oakville Galleries Youth Council had a selection of new zines.

Sab Meynert with seasonally themed minis.

Jeannie Phan, Myra Phan, and Marta Ryczko

Jeannie Phan's mini that is so good I've bought it twice.
Jeannie's mini has images on both sides.

Myra Phan's one of a kind zines, limited editions with original artworks inside.
like this little collage/drawing/painting.

Blood of the Young Zines' spread.
Get a few of them.
Two pages from one of the more gloriously scrappy zines.

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